What is Thoughts On Truth?

It is a means by which I vent my various theological thoughts and opinions, as well as person studies and discoveries. The reason for the title is due to my earnest desire to know the Truth, because nothing is more important than being certain about the right thing. Certainty is a requirement of our lives, in that we dare not make decisions if we are not certain enough about them, otherwise we will become men of two-minds (double-minded), confused and thrown here and there by every wind of the ever-changing doctrines of men. If we cannot make up our minds on what to be certain about, we are truly lost, and need a solid rock on which to hold for all that we believe. When Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,” He was making an absolute statement, not a suggestion, and declared what the Father had already affirmed, that He was His beloved Son (the fullness of God), and we should listen to Him, and believe what He says. This blog is my way of growing, and more importantly, sharing what I have learned, so that each person may come to a better understanding of God’s Word.